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Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre provides services of buying and selling Perfect Money USD both in the form of e-Voucher and internal transfer across the countries.

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This channel is created for sharing the latest news in Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre, for sure our friendly support will be available to reach in Telegram as well.

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🔨 Perfect Money's website is currently under maintenance! 🔨

There has maintenance ongoing as usual for the improvements, at the meantime all the orders in our store will be delivered only after the maintenance. Thank you for your understanding!

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🏮 Happy Chinese New Year 2024! 🏮

Wish everyone who sees this post a most happy chinese new year 2024! In this new year, we're looking forward to a more prosperous year for everyone.

New year has more potentials than last year, kick start the new targets and never consider the outcome first as this leads us much more motivation!

🐉 A brand new 🐲 year ahead! 🐉

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💵 Checkout using US dollar! 💵

US Dollar is the world's reserve currency and it is widely considered as the most international currency in the world.

From that we've implemented the currency switcher into our store to allow everyone to be able to checkout in usd.

🇲🇾 To make a switch from MYR to USD in store, look out for the currency icons on the left bottom side! 🇺🇸

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✏️ Write us valuable reviews! ✏️

Most of us know Trustpilot a review platform and now it comes into play. We've joined Trustpilot few months ago to collect "verified" reviews from you as our client.

The process is worry-free and not as complicated as we think, we only collect reviews from you when you have genuine experiences with us. It is completely free and it takes less than 5 minutes to leave us a simple yet valuable review.

All reviews are very important for us and we will actually read every one of them. Our credibility relies on you, greatly appreciated!

📧 Trustpilot system sends out review email to each completed order where you can leave the review! 📧

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